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DEMO REEL 2023!!

Stop Motion Senior Film. Created at Edinboro University With Beau Henry. Winner of the George H. Nicholas Memorial Scholarship Award

Senior Animated Short Film.
Created at Edinboro University 2022. Winner of the George H. Nicholas Memorial Scholarship Award. 

24 Hour Animation Challenge 2021:
1st place nationally and 4th place internationally. team name the Miraculous 112. titled "the New Normal". Along with this award, we completed this film in record time, in just 12 hours! We were efficient in time, teamwork, and animation.

My Junior Film Entitled "Night Shift":
A story about what it is like working retail on Christmas Eve. done in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Animate, Harmony/ToonBoom, and Premiere.

The Gallery:
Film done entirely in Adobe After Effects. Film stars Luke Shay and myself, talking about his Galley Exhibit.

 Damsel in duh Tent:
Stop Motion animated short. Collaborative film created and completed November 2020.

Stop Motion Test:
Audio from the movie "Clerks". This was a fun quick project I took up on the side. Puppet fabrication and animation all completed within a weeks time.  May 2021

Abstract shape animation. Created in adobe animate and music provided by good friend Christian James. October 2020

Abstract Stop Motion using molding clay.

October 2020 

Stop Motion puppet lip sync animation. Clip is from the beginning of Rush's " Tom Sawyer".  September 2020

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